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The courses in this programme will provide students with the basic skills necessary to function as a paramedic, particularly in airway management, vascular access, emergency pharmacology and other advanced life support procedures to promote optimal recovery of patients who require pre-hospital care, emergency medical response or specialized transportation.

  • The book is divided into four main parts with several chapters.

  • He became the first Qatari journalist to be allowed entry into the in 1985.

  • He studied in from 1952 to 1961, graduating from in.

International Indian School , Buraidah

He published the book With their bare hands: the story of the oil industry in Qatar in 1984.

  • As the Electrical and Electronics industry continues to grow in Brunei, there is a high demand for graduates to be equipped with the knowledge and skills in electrical and electronics engineering.

  • On top of that, this programme delivers hands-on and laboratory skills such as machining and welding workshops.

  • This field is developing rapidly as the technology advances and broadens its scope of applications.