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Cat 2018 lucy The Top

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Fans are more concerned about Kim Yong Guk's cat Lucy than his dating scandal, as the cat was recently spotted in an animal shelter

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Cat 2018 lucy Lucy

Cat 2018 lucy Lucy's current

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Cat 2018 lucy Lucy's current

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The right side is a photo of the cat from the animal shelter.

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  • Up until recently, the animal shelter was seen sharing posts about the cat below to promote adoption.

  • This year it comes in at the bottom spot…but it definitely still counts! So I get sad thinking about how much she must have suffered on the streets.

It's all about the cats!: May 2018

A solitary Foley Artist secretly films his neighbor and reconstructs the sounds of her life, while creating an imaginary relationship that leads him to discover closely the true sound of his obsession: Lucy.

  • Death In , he tried to save Bean from Dagmar, and his head got stuck into the elevator door.

  • They never could have imagined that Lucy would suddenly be found as a street cat.

  • However, when compared to the demons released in , which all have wings instead of limbs, Luci has arms and legs.